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Trustee vs. Credit Counselor

2014-08-25 16:47:11

Who can best help me with my debt prblems?  The correct answer to this question has a number of different parts, depending on your debt. How much debt do you have? Who do you owe the debt to? Are you able to pay back any of your debt?  Is it a joint debt? Is your debt causing you to be garnished? Think of your debt problems like any other problem.  If it is a minor problem and has a simple solution, you may be able to do it on your own, or a credit counselor may be able to help. They can help with budgeting and maybe help to organize your payment schedule. Similar to having a small...[more]

Debt Problems?

2014-06-17 20:06:58

We all have them; we have all been there at one time or another. Debt problems are universal. The only thing that varies is the degree of the problem and the amount of stress we feel in relation to the debt.  For some people it is a $1000 problem, for others it is over $1,000,000. It may be your debt problem is temporary; an unexpected car repair, seasonal job lay off or roof or furnace repairs.  Most people can manage these and move on.  Debt problems really become an issue when they are continuous and unrelenting. You feel like you can never get on top of them or ahead of the game....[more]


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